Tirconaill Damp ProofingDamp Proofing, Woodworm Remediation and Dry Rot Eradication

Masonry Sealing

For masonry sealing applications Tirconaill Damp Proofing use Sovereign Aqua-Chek which can be applied by brush or spray. Application is done in two coats,always working from the bottom upwards.Aqua- Chek is flood-applied to the surface,i.e.until it runs down around 12 inches. The second coat is then applied 30 minutes after the first. Optimal water repelling performance will only be obtained if a sufficient quantity of Aqua-Chek is applied. Coverage is dependent on the porosity of the substrate but as a guide 5 litres of Aqua- Chek when diluted will cover approximately 22m 2 using a two coat application. Service life is expected to be 7-10 years subject to the suitability of the substrate and exposure.Service life can be extended by a further single coat application at approximately 5 year intervals. Aqua-Chek can be over coated with most conventional paints, however a preliminary test is required.